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Featured Apps Developed By mediaspree
Social Networking is all about connecting your social circles to what is happening in your life WHEN it is happening. Share your plan across various social networks including facebook, twitter, and the all new network. Helpful reminders and optional location features keep you and your friends in the know at all times.
Movie Clock
Movie Clock makes it fun and easy for you to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the release of your favorite Hollywood movies with friends! Set an alert for each movie with just one tap and Movie Clock will remind you on the day of release in theaters. Check in and share at the theater with advanced location awareness features.
Camera Effects
iBlemish lets you scan your face in real-time to unmask hidden blemishes and wrinkles deep within the surface of your skin. Advanced complexion imaging combined with your devices high resolution camera detect and reveal years worth of skin damage not visible to the naked eye! WARNING: You may be shocked at the results!
Tiny Cupid
Arcade Game
Guide 'Tiny Cupid' Gabriel on his quest to match the hearts in the clouds with his magic arrows. Exciting gameplay utilizes natural motion for full control of our hero Gabriel! Draw your bow with natural swipe and release pull action. Brilliant effects and musical score bring the sky to life. Features tilt controls and Game Center integration,
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