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mediaspree in the press

New App Allows You To Keep Tabs On Your Friends Future Locations
Miami, Florida - Mediaspree has introduced 1.0, a new Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) app for planning events and forecasting future locations with friends. Users plug in their plans along with when they will occur and, if they choose, the location or place of the event. Friends on the network are able to view their plans and join them as well.

Avengers Fans Assemble Worldwide With iPhone App
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - FlickDirect Inc. announced the release and immediate availability of 'Movie Clock' version 3.4, an expanded offering of its movie centric iPhone app to coincide with the opening of 'Marvel's The Avengers'. Over 5,000 fans (from more than 100 countries) of the highly anticipated Superhero film have already 'assembled' around the unique social features of the app.

Prepare Yourself for OMG! - Inducing Facial Blemish Scans with iBlemish
Beauty conscious iPhone users beware! iBlemish, a free app available on the Apple iTunes app store, lets you scan your face in real-time to unmask hidden blemishes and wrinkles deep within the surface of your skin. All with just the touch of a button. Advanced "complexion matrix" imaging effects combined with your iPhones high resolution camera optics detect and reveal years worth of skin damage not visible to the naked eye! iBlemish is a personal blemish scan right in your pocket.

iOS Development
Mediaspree, LLC provides freelance iOS development, internet marketing, online advertising, dynamic web development and branding services with a focus on revenue growth and ROI. Specialization in social media applications, website analytics and creative user interface and experience design.
UI/UX Design
Beyond your core concept, the look and feel of your app is perhaps the single greatest asset in defining a successful app from the rest. Mediaspree has over 12 years experience creating beautiful and engaging interfaces for the web and iOS devices. Check out our apps on the store to see what beautiful design can be.
Social Apps
The mobile space has gone social! Mediaspree specializes in expertly crafted Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) apps for the busy lifestyles of your users. Facebook and Twitter Sharing, checking in, and location awareness are just a few of the features that can be built into your apps.
XCode Workshop
Have an app in the app store that needs some tweaking? We can help. From memory management issues to Xcode and provisioning headaches - we are the antidote! Small or large scale projects welcome. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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